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Restore Teachers Dignity To End Students Indiscipline -- Mr Dannis Addo

?Akyem Abuakwa North constituency deputy organizer of the National Democratic Congress NDC Mr Dannis Addo, has appealed to the government to restore teachers dignity to end students Indiscipline.According to him, the spate of school unrest across the country is a pointer to things that will almost become a norm in public and private schools unless radical changes are urge?ntly effected.

The discipline of our nation has been entrusted to non existent departments in our schools ,and which ha?s been taken up very quickly by the entrepreneur so called motivational speakers.What teachers offered for free is now being paid for and the results are the burning of dormitories because, the conduct of students for the whole term cannot be pegged on a one day event.

The relegation of the teacher to some simple appendage in the education system has helped create a robot who is always reminded that he is paid to only teach ,and whatever else he does is not considered useless.He isneithertrained nor paid to handle Indiscipline and disorder in school, because that is the work of the police. The teacher is neither trained nor paid to counsel the students because that is the work of the psychiatrist

Teacher is neither trained nor paid to nurture the youth, there are so many other roles that the teacher has been doing dutifully but he is constantly reminded that he is supposed to be teaching and making learners get some grade.Teachers are also not to cane students when they are at fault ....why?

Teachers can maintain discipline if only the government can restore their dignity as teachers, said Dannis Addo."Again Nobody can demand for the closure of Bright Senior High School

Story by Mr Awal Adam


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