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The cleaning of sacred places known as 'Gbjee Juf' is always performed by Gbobu wulormor shitse  on Tuesday morning. This commemorates the path Borketey Lawerh, the founder of the town of Nungua and Gadangbe took. 

It's been years since he parted the sea. Nunguamei believe that their father and founder will return again. This kusum is performed leading to those paths leading to the place called ' Y Ofe shishi'  (the golden pot) under the power of Almighty God, we shall get water, of which the fresh water gushed out, eventually becoming Numa, now Nungua. 

The rites start from the Gborbu Koomli through Latenmai, Tetsonaa, Krowey Koomli Awikoonaa then to the sea shore at Aklnaa now cocoa beach where another custom is performed by the Ofu Wulomo, Wuleiatse, Asafoatsemei and some Youth. They built seven pyramids ( Nk) which represents the seven states of the Konor Borkete-Lawe. 

They poured libation and counted seven waves to invite the king to come back to his throne and the kingdom. After the last wave is brought on the Nkor they sing and dance Obene back to the kingdom then the Gborbu Wulomo will be carried shoulder high, chanting and singing the Kpele Konor loo Bamawo, W Borkete Oyaa hu Awo Obaa hu Awo Oshishi hu Awo Owi hu Awo Mni Sum Awo helawo k Konor loo Bamawo W-Borkete Odooma naa Shits W-Gborbu Sum Awo l Awon W-Borkete Awol Didoo akl ba, Konoloo bama wo meaning "Come ye oh our king, come on our shoulder. You alone deserve to be carried shoulder high. This is what they sing to praise the Konor and to show the power of the king and founder and who ever sits on the Oswe stool calling himself a Mantse is brought before  Gborbu Wulomo in the Gborbu Koomli and he will kneel down in front of the Slkaem t which is in front of Gborbu (Hallowed grove) Shitse Gbatsunaa. After Nuumo pours libations, he tells him that the Nuumo Lawe (Owner of the town ) is back in his kingdom so he is no longer allowed to call himself Mantse. Then the occupants of the Oswe stool will be stripped naked and smacked three times on the bum by the Gborbu Wulome Shitse to remind Sanshi people of their duties of serving the Konor Borketey Lawe. 

It is called Sl kaem, the servant must remember his duty as a servant before the Gborbu deity. It's the day for them to worship and kowtow to the Gborbu deity and sing Odi k milloo eba ek gblaa shi now corrupted to Odai Amlewu eba tmshi now again adulterated to Odai Ablade ba ts Gblashi after they realised what abrade means to the Akwamus.

It is very obvious that, Nungua mantse duties are far different from Gborbu Wulomo. Gborbu Wulomo is beyond physical means, as compared to Nungua mantse, Gborbu Wulomo has spiritual powers.They all have unique and powerful position to display in our time. 

Among these two great Ga traditional leaders, only those with good Ga history can tell us who has the final say in Nungua. 


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